Hi there, Art Fans! My first post. Just to let you see what I'm currently working on, I've put up these photos of works in progress, or WIP to those in the inner sanctum.

The first, "Dreams Count" is a digital piece that I keep returning too, doing different things to it. The potential for different colors really fascinates me. One day I'll have to call it finished.

The second piece is simply the initial sketch of a painting I'm doing of the witch, Circe. Something I've always wanted to do, because the Waterhouse painting, "Circe Invidiosa" has always inspired my work. I'll post some more pics of my progress as soon as I've downloaded them.

The third item is a tiny Artist Trading Card, before color. As soon I've developed a stock, I'm going to begin selling them, probably on Etsy.

The final piece is a detail of a large watercolor I did recently of the witch, Baba Yaga. It seems to be a month for witches here at Cup O Swank!

Thank you for looking at my work! More soon!